First 4-H Club Meeting 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011 11:15:00 PM

We attended our first 4-H meeting this evening at the Brevard County Agricultural Extension Office for the Poultry, Livestock and Youth (P.L.A.Y.) Club. Everyone was very nice and welcomed us into the club. Before the meeting started Lydia was already off talking to several of the other youths and seemed to be making friends.

We've never attended a 4-H Club meeting before and we were not sure of what to expect. The Club followed Parliamentary procedure with the youths holding the office positions as well as the assembly and the adults providing guidance on the processes or helped to formulate a clear wording of a motion. As motions were put on the table, such as the formation of a fundraising committee, the youths considered the motion and either approved or rejected the motion. It seemed Lydia did not feel she should not be part of the voting but with a little prodding she managed to get engaged with the process.

Our youngest daughter, at three years of age, also participated by voting both for and against almost every motion and when the motion placed on the table was to name the club's heifer, she voted for all of the names. It was quite amusing to everyone and I'm pretty sure her vote got counted on more than one occasion.

Overall, we enjoyed the club meeting and certainly enjoyed meeting like-minded people from around the County. I offered to set upo a web site for the club since there didn't seem to be a readily available option available to make the presentation slide available or make the meeting minutes available except through email. Once I set it all up it'll be available at


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