The Brevard County Petition is now online! 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011 12:49:00 AM

We're gathering signatures on our petition to change Brevard County Code to allow traditional homesteading on residential property.

Currently, we are limited to horticultural efforts and, if you are zoned Rural Residential like us, horses but no other small animals except for one poultry or fowl as long as it is not a rooster.

Help us change code to something more reasonable for those of us who want to raise chickens for eggs or other purposes along with other small animals that help us maintain our property and live in a sustainable manner.

You can sign the petition online at or find a local business with a paper petition you to sign.

Keep in mind we're not talking about pet hamsters or dogs here. It's about a sustainable lifestyle where you can gather fresh eggs while the chickens helping clear bugs and other pests from the garden, goats or sheep can help keep the grass mowed and the children understand how nature works, where food really comes from and learn responsibility and a respect for life. Don't think it's all roses though, it takes daily effort to tend to everything.

Not your cup of tea? We understand and respect diverse opinions. If we were seeking something radical like the right to keep four billy goats in a 3rd floor apartment downtown I'd expect people to get upset. But seriously, what we seek is the ability to do things that had always been available for a family to rely on for generations. The ability to provide for themselves, especially in difficult times like these. If you look back at the Great Depression I think you'd find there was a great reliance on the ability to raise small animals and poultry. Sadly, it is illegal to do this even if necessity forces it.

Won't you help us do something positive for ourselves and the community by signing the petition?

-Avid Homestead

re: The Brevard County Petition is now online!

Saturday, November 19, 2011 3:50:43 PM William F. Quinlivan

Laws against raising and selling your own food generally, and poultry and other meat products in particular remove a very basic human right, and they are an offense to humankind and a windfall for factory farming/agribusiness. We would simply not be here if there was a particular danger in home-, and locally-raised food, because that's how it was done for millennia. No it is not without risk, and yes, you can switch to a different set of risks by trusting factory farming with their inhumane, unclean and unsafe practices, use of hormones, antibiotics. Just sell me the eggs dammit, I'll wash them! I'ld kind of like to continue being a guy.

re: The Brevard County Petition is now online!

Saturday, February 11, 2012 8:25:53 AM Mike Rosati

I first discovered the over reaching arm of our restrictive government when I tried a new hobby, beekeeping, and was promptly informed by code enforcement to remove my bee hive or be fined. I live in a rural part of North Merritt Island on 1 acres with no ajoining neighbors and yet, I could not have a single beehive.  Loss of property rights is very bad in Brevard County.  It disgusts me to have to pay such high property tax rates along with even higher homeowner's insurance. So much so that I have decided to move to a better part of the country, one with less government that watches my every move.  (like Colorado)

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